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The first seedling of an idea of Planterscape was born completely out of my desire to grab hold of and unearth an intimate garden space outside my narrow street-level garden apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  The space was so valuable and so neglected by, surprisingly, art gallery landlords.   The orchestra of muted city sounds made this a serene space in an urban city, to which could have been so much more.  The space needed variegated plantings in containers with texture, depth and scale, and a statement focal piece.  The space needed to be, and deserved to be, transformed to an oasis.

Reading Gardenista’s Before & After:  From “Fishbowl” Townhouse Garden to Private Oasis in Manhattan by Michelle Slatalla, forced me to recollect my musings of that neglected garden space.  https://www.gardenista.com/posts/before-after-from-fishbowl-townhouse-garden-to-private-oasis-in-manhattan/   The article features the beautiful outdoor space designed by Julie Farris of XS Space.  It is minimalist done right.  Farris’ design incorporates a large-scale CorTen steel planter, which functions as an element that alters the line of the landscape, introduces texture and compliments its surroundings with rich bronze hues.   Also, Farris’ selection of long-lasting materials, including ipe, concrete and CorTen steel, is a wise choice in urban spaces that are difficult to access and often, maintained less.  Such materials require little to no maintenance and keep your garden oasis looking beautiful for many years.

Farris offers much inspiration for my urban garden daydreams!

Photography by Matthew Williams courtesy of Julie Farris.